Thursday, September 18, 2014

Home Learning

1. Test Recycle due 9/24 A Day, 9/25 B Day

2. Finish the Spheres Document Assignment due 9/22 A Day, 9/23 B Day

3. Continue working on science project topic or research plan.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Home Learning Due 9/18/14 A Day, 9/19/14 B Day

A. Complete the Topic Paper that was distributed in class.  Students will be selecting two possible topics for me to review.  Students will be answering the following questions for each possible topic:
1. Problem- What question are you trying to answer? 
2. How will you test your problem?
3. What is the real world connection?  How will this be beneficial to the rest of the world?
Students had class time to work on the topic paper in the computer lab.

B. Unit 1 Lesson 3, pages 130-141, content and vocabulary assignments:
1.Content assignment-
Students will choose to either complete all questions and reading strategies for the entire lesson (excluding the “Think Outside the Book” on p.136, this is extra credit, and number4 on page 131, because they have a different vocabulary assignment).
Students may choose to complete a 4,3,2 method for the entire lesson.  (4 facts that I have learned, 3 facts that I found interesting and why, 2 questions that I still have which cannot be answered by the content)
2. Vocabulary assignment-

Students will complete a four column vocabulary chart for the six vocabulary terms located in the green box found on page 131.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Due Wednesday 9/10/14 A Day, Thursday 9/11/14 B Day

-Create a double bar graph using the data from the Sinkin Lincoln Lab.  

-Continue researching topics for your science projects. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Due Monday 9/8/14 A Day, Tuesday 9/9/14 B Day

4,3,2 Method for Unit 1 Lesson 3, pages 24-35.
                -4 facts that I learned from the reading.
                -3 facts that I found interesting from the reading, and why                  they are interesting.
                -2 questions that I still have about the reading. (questions                  cannot be answered by the content in the reading)
You may not use 1 fact for both a fact that you learned and a fact that you found interesting.

Begin researching topics for your science projects.  Remember, your investigation must be able to be tested and have a real world connection.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Due Thursday 9/4/14 A day, Friday 9/5/14 B day

Complete a Four Column Vocabulary chart for the vocabulary terms located on page 25 in your textbook.

The titles of the four columns are as follows: term, book definition, my definition, and example.  Please refer to page 5 in your ISN for the example of a four column vocabulary chart that we went over in class.

Term- the vocabulary term.
Book Definition- the definition that the book provides.
My Definition- the definition of the term in your own words.
Example- this can be in words or a picture or you may use the term correctly in a sentence.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Home Learning Due 9/2/14 A Day, 9/3/14 B Day

-Students are to finish their part to their group's Law/Theory Posters.  Remember, you had one of the following:
1. Title Page, student will write the name of their law or theory along with a description of the law or theory itself.
2. Model Page, student will create a model that would help people visualize your law or theory.
3. Explanation Page, student will provide a explanation of why their theory is a theory and not a law or why their law is a law and not a theory.

Please remember to be neat and creative.

- If you have yet to submit your Safety Contract please do so ASAP.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Home Learning Due 8/26/14 A Day, 8/27/14 B Day

Read Unit 1 Lesson 2, pages 14-23, and answer all questions (excluding the "Think Outside the Book")